3 Exercise Tips to Take after Tummy Tuck Surgery

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Portrait of a lovely young woman relaxing after exerciseA tummy tuck is an ideal way for patients with a saggy, loose belly to enjoy a slimmer, firmer waistline again. Although maintaining an active lifestyle after a tummy tuck is essential for ensuring long-term results, patients should be careful to allow for adequate healing and recovery after surgery and ease carefully back into an exercise routine with these three tips.

1. Start Slow

Although you may be anxious to get back to your normal workout routine after surgery, pushing yourself too hard too quickly can actually be counterproductive and prevent proper healing. Even though a tummy tuck is primarily cosmetic, it is still surgery and you should be mindful to give your body the proper amount of time for rest and recuperation in order to get the best final results possible. When becoming active again, it’s important to start slow. Most patients can begin mild activity (such as leisurely walking) around two weeks after surgery and more strenuous activities (like weightlifting or crunches) several months post-op.

2. Listen to Your Body

Pay very close attention to your body when reengaging a workout routine. If you experience pain or unusual discomfort when exercising, it’s likely a sign that you’re pushing yourself too hard or too soon. It’s important to talk to your doctor about any pain you experience as you begin to get active again.

3. Listen to Your Surgeon

Probably the most important tip for having a comfortable, stress-free tummy tuck recovery is to follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions. Your doctor will explain in detail what you should and should not do during recovery, and how and when you should begin to reintroduce physical activity after surgery.

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3 Exercise Tips to Take after Tummy Tuck Surgery
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3 Exercise Tips to Take after Tummy Tuck Surgery
Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Francesco Campanile reveals three tips men and women should follow when getting back into an exercise routine after a tummy tuck.
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