3 Tips for a Stress-Free Tummy Tuck Recovery

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Beautiful woman's stomach For individuals frustrated with flabby abdominal skin, a tummy tuck can be the ideal way to transform the midsection. During a tummy tuck procedure, excess skin is surgically removed and the abdominal muscles underneath are tightened. The result is a sleeker, smoother, more contoured tummy. After a tummy tuck, there are a few simple tips that can help ensure that you have a relaxing and stress-free recovery.

1. Set Up a Recovery Area Ahead of Time
For a several days to a week or two after your abdominoplasty surgery, you will need to greatly limit physical exertion and activity. You should plan on spending most of your days relaxing and taking it easy, so make sure that the area where you plan to rest is clean, cozy and peaceful. Making a few other key arrangements ahead of time will ensure you’ll be comfortable while you recuperate. Stock up on books, load up your iPad, and put some movies in your queue. Freeze a variety of ready-made meals or arrange for meals to be delivered.

2. Rearrange Your Schedule
To heal properly after your procedure, it’s imperative you clear your schedule and allow your body time to recover. Don’t commit yourself to any professional or social obligations for the first few weeks after surgery. If you have children or pets, arrange for someone to help care for them.

3. Follow Doctor’s Orders
It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to diligently follow your surgeon’s instructions after tummy tuck surgery. Disobeying doctor’s orders or pushing yourself too soon can extend your recovery time and, in some cases, adversely affect the quality of your surgical results. By listening to both your doctor and your body, you can ensure the best possible recovery as well as the best body contouring results.

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Top 3 Tips for a Stress-Free Tummy Tuck Recovery
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Top 3 Tips for a Stress-Free Tummy Tuck Recovery
Stressing about your tummy tuck recovery? Board-certified plastic surgeon Francesco Campanile explains how to take the stress out of your post-tummy tuck time.
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