3 Ways a Tummy Tuck Improves a Post-Pregnancy Paunch

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woman holding bellyBecoming a mother is one of the most rewarding experiences in a woman’s life. However, the effects of pregnancy on the body can sometimes leave a woman unhappy with her post-baby figure. A tummy tuck is a very effective way to regain a smooth, sexy midsection once again in three different ways.

1. Tightens Abdominal Muscles

The muscles in your abdomen must stretch dramatically in order to accommodate your growing baby. After the baby is born, those muscles can remain lax, leaving your stomach with a loose, sagging appearance. Many people don’t realize that an abdominoplasty entails restoring tightness to the abdominal muscles in addition to the removal of excess skin.

2. Removes Excess Skin

Just as the stomach muscles stretch during pregnancy, the skin must do the same. For some women, their abdominal skin naturally regains tightness and smoothness after pregnancy. However, others may be left with excess skin that no amount of exercise or dieting will remove. For these women, a tummy tuck can effectively restore a sleek, toned midsection. As an added bonus, stretch marks can also be removed during this procedure, provided that they are located on the portion of skin that will be excised.

3. Improves Waistline Contours

By removing excess skin and tightening the stomach muscles, a tummy tuck is able to address problem areas that a woman could never resolve on her own with diet and exercise. This procedure dramatically improves the overall shape and silhouette of a woman’s midsection. Ultimately, abdominoplasty can restore a new mom’s self-confidence by bringing back her tight, toned, pre-baby tummy.

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3 Ways a Tummy Tuck Improves a Post-Pregnancy Paunch
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3 Ways a Tummy Tuck Improves a Post-Pregnancy Paunch
Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Francesco Campanile of Denver outlines three different ways a tummy tuck can improve your figure after pregnancy.
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