4 Preparation Tips before Your C.L.A.S.S. Tummy Tuck

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I tell all of my Denver tummy tuck patients that the key to a positive outcome is all in the preparation. Here are the four most important tips you can follow to ensure a great plastic surgery experience as well as great results.

  1. Quit Smoking

    There are a lot of reasons to quit smoking, but quitting well before your surgery is a critical component to a successful surgery and recovery. Smoking reduces your red blood cell count and increases the potential for lung issues that could complicate anesthesia. Smoking also delays the healing process and slows your full recovery. Even if it’s only temporary, quit smoking at least a month before your surgery, and don’t resume while still recovering.

  2. Do Your Homework

    A prepared and knowledgeable plastic surgery patient is a calm and optimistic patient as well, two qualities I value highly at my Denver practice. Knowing what to expect during surgery and recovery means you’ll be more confident throughout the process, which leads to a less anxious procedure and more relaxed healing period.

  3. Prepare for Post-Op

    Although this falls somewhat under doing your homework, you should also prepare ahead of time for your immediate post-op and recovery. Line up help at home, especially if you have young kids, and reschedule any critical work tasks. Moving smoothly from surgery to recovery will definitely aid the healing process.

  4. Expect Cold Feet

    Cold feet aren’t just for your wedding day. It’s very normal for patients to experience last-minute nerves just before major surgery. Knowing that this is a typical part of the process can help get you through any second thoughts with flying colors. Again, doing plenty of research and preparing well for your surgery and recovery will definitely help limit pre-op anxiety.

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