Here’s the Skinny on Pre-Liposuction Weight Loss

May 23,2017 Posted By Dr. Campanile
Thinking about liposuction? You’re certainly not alone. Lipo is by far one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. A lot of people wonder whether they should lose weight before having liposuction, and rightfully so. It’s an important topi

Why Getting Fit First Could Improve Your Mommy Makeover

May 16,2017 Posted By Dr. Campanile
A mommy makeover can rejuvenate your body and help you get your sexy back. How to get ready for one is just as important as how to recover from one. One of the most important steps you can take to prepare for a mommy makeover is to get in shape first

4 Fixes for a Belly Bulge That Just Won’t Budge

April 17,2017 Posted By Dr. Campanile
You’ve tried everything. You’re working out and eating healthy diet, but you still have a bulging stomach that just won’t go away. It’s uncomfortable, frustrating and can make you feel really self-conscious. Here are some flat belly fixes to

Why Chilly Temps Indicate the Best Time for a Tummy Tuck

January 20,2017 Posted By Dr. Campanile
The tummy tuck is an incredibly effective body contouring procedure. A tummy tuck is still the only way to effectively get rid of excess skin, and there are even some medical benefits of tummy tucks. Is there a best season for a tummy tuck, though? T

How a Mommy Makeover Brings Your Sexy Back

January 10,2017 Posted By Dr. Campanile
There are a lot of great reasons to opt for a mommy makeover, but don’t overlook an especially exciting benefit. Having a mommy makeover is a surefire way to get your sexy back. Here’s how. Bye, Bye Baggy Skin Stretched out skin is a common aft

Can VelaShape™ III Bring Your Sexy Back?

October 21,2016 Posted By Dr. Campanile
Having some trouble spots around the midsection is a common reason to seek out a plastic surgeon, but not everyone is comfortable with the idea of surgery. If you're looking for results from a non-surgical option for body contouring, the VelaShape™

3 Ways a Tummy Tuck Could Improve Your Health

September 10,2016 Posted By Dr. Campanile
Tummy tucks remain the go-to plastic surgery procedure for men and women who want to tone up their midsection and improve abdominal contours. Weight loss, pregnancy and aging can all impact the body and leave behind loose skin or weakened stomach mus

Can a Tummy Tuck without Lipo Still Mean Great Results?

August 18,2016 Posted By Dr. Campanile
People who have trouble getting their stomach in shape through diet and exercise alone often consider a tummy tuck to tune up their abdomen. Many factors can leave the stomach looking worse for wear. Whether weight loss, pregnancy or aging have left

Why a Tummy Tuck Won’t Prevent Weight Gain

July 25,2016 Posted By Dr. Campanile
For the right candidate, a tummy tuck can be an ideal way to trim away excess skin and tissue from the abdomen and drastically improve the appearance of the midsection. Even though a tummy tuck can give you a thinner, sculpted waistline, the results