Can VelaShape™ III Bring Your Sexy Back?

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154078670Having some trouble spots around the midsection is a common reason to seek out a plastic surgeon, but not everyone is comfortable with the idea of surgery. If you’re looking for results from a non-surgical option for body contouring, the VelaShape™ III may be just the thing you need to help get your sexy back without the downtime required for surgery.

How VelaShape™ III Delivers

The VelaShape™ III can help contour your body, providing a slimmer shape through targeted fat reduction.

   The handheld device allows for extreme precision, directing the treatment to the exact areas you hope to improve.


As the treatment proceeds, your body responds by increasing collagen production. Not only can this help lead to improved skin tone and texture, it can also result in skin that appears tighter and firmer, helping to magnify the fat dissolving effects of the treatment for a noticeable improvement in the treated tissues.

The combination of infrared, radiofrequency and vacuum pressure can also increase the level of collagen production in your skin. As the amount of collagen increases, you should see a visible reduction in the amount of cellulite at the treatment area.

A Walk-In Treatment with Real Results

This non-invasive body contouring procedure means no recovery or downtime, allowing you to receive treatments whenever it’s most convenient. For example, you can walk in during a lunch break and walk out right after to get back to your day. The VelaShape™ III procedure requires no anesthesia, so there’s nothing to stop you from returning to your normal activities almost immediately after your appointment.

The full results of the VelaShape™ III treatment develop over 8 to 10 weeks after your final session, giving you the benefits of surgical body contouring without the inconvenience or hassle.

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Can the VelaShape III Help Bring Your Sexy Back?
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Can the VelaShape III Help Bring Your Sexy Back?
Denver plastic surgeon Dr. Francesco Campanile explains the benefits of the VelaShape III procedure for fat reduction and cellulite treatment in trouble areas.
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Campanile Tummy Tuck
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