Combat Early Signs of Aging

The earliest signs of aging appear on the face and around the eyes, and are often a wake-up call to include a little more vigilance in your daily skincare routine. At my plastic surgery practice, BOTOX® Cosmetic injections are often one of the first lines of defense against early aging, but there are many other tips you can follow as well.

Lifestyle Changes

Outer beauty begins with inner health, and health begins with your diet and lifestyle. If your skin isn’t getting all the proper nutrients it needs to stay healthy, the earliest signs of aging will appear sooner and quickly become more pronounced. Make sure you’re getting lots of fresh fruits and veggies that will provide your skin with all the vitamins and minerals you need to hang onto that youthful glow and keep your collagen production high.

In addition to your diet, you should also take care to give your skin the outer nourishment it needs by using a good moisturizer, and protecting against the sun’s UV rays with SPF protection every day. These steps are particularly important for Denver women, who are combatting the severe dryness of our mountain climate. Other factors that can cause unhealthy skin include too little sleep and too much stress; your skin needs the same level of care as you give the rest of your body.

A proactive approach will only take you so far, since nothing can fully prevent the aging process. If you’re troubled by the signs of aging that show up on your face, it might be time to come in for a consultation. There are plenty of minimally invasive procedures that can help you look years younger without major surgery.

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