Evaluating Tummy Tuck Photos

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Abdominoplasty photos can be very helpful when evaluating a surgeon’s skill. As you look at before and after patient photos on various surgeons’ websites, you’ll find a lot of variation in the quality of images, number of images, angles the photos are taken from, lighting, and many other factors. How do you objectively evaluate which doctors are achieving the results you want?

1 . Look at all other body contouring photos. Check the doctor’s other body contouring procedure photos, not just the abdominoplasty cases. You may be able to see from liposuction, thigh lift, arm lift and other body cosmetic surgery procedures whether the surgeon has extensive experience with body contouring and is able to craft attractive results for a wide number of areas.

2 . Check the belly button. You can expect some change to the position and appearance of your belly button after surgery, but you still want a natural-looking result. Check photos for belly button asymmetry, puckering or wrinkling of the skin surrounding the belly button, or overly tight tissues around the belly button.

3 . Evaluate scarring. Some types of scarring may suggest surgeon inexperience or the use of outdated techniques. In many after photos, the surgical scar will be low enough that it is hidden by underwear. If the scar is visible, see if you are happy with its placement, size and evenness. Jagged incision lines and puckering of the skin suggest sub-par results, but also note how long following surgery the “after” photo was taken when evaluating the results.

Keep in mind that no surgeon’s photos by themselves will guarantee a particular outcome for you, but by looking carefully at a doctor’s tummy tuck photo gallery you can gain valuable insights before even scheduling a consultation.

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