If You Don’t Love Your Tummy Tuck, When Can You Have a Revision?

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Campanile - Tummy Tuck - January 2022Not all plastic surgery procedures go the way you want them to. Sometimes, the results are just a little off from your expectations. In other cases, things genuinely go wrong. So, what happens if you get abdominoplasty and find yourself wanting a tummy tuck revision?

First, Don’t Jump to Revision as a Solution

If you are just days, or even a month, out from your surgery and looking at your stomach in the mirror and feeling dissatisfied with your results, understand that there are still a lot of changes coming. Your abdomen is likely swollen, tender, sporting raw incisions or red and angry scars and just generally not looking like perfection.

Allow your body to fully heal from surgery before judging the results of your tummy tuck.

This is normal. It takes time for the skin and muscles to heal and for swelling to go down. Stay calm, avoid the mirror for a bit and give yourself a chance to develop your final results.

How Soon Can You Get a Tummy Tuck Revision?

This will vary based on how quickly you heal from your initial surgery. However, most people can get a tummy tuck six months to one year after their original procedure. This can be a complete revision or just updating specific aspects. For example, most people love their results overall but some end up disliking the look of their belly button. So, rather than revising the whole tuck, they just have their navel tailored to their vision. 

Are you wanting a slimmer, trimmer contour? Tummy tuck surgery can help. To learn more or to book your surgery, call Dr. Campanile’s office at 303-345-7476 or fill out our contact form.

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If You Don’t Love Your Tummy Tuck, When Can You Have a Revision?
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If You Don’t Love Your Tummy Tuck, When Can You Have a Revision?
How soon can you get a tummy tuck revision if you don’t like your results? Dr. Francesco Campanile in Denver has the answers you need.
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