Kids at Home? Put Them to Work Helping You Heal after Liposuction!

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Kids at HomePlanning for your recovery after liposuction can be difficult, especially when you have children. But, depending on their age, they could be an asset to your recovery rather than a hindrance. Here are some liposuction recovery tips that incorporate your little helpers who are home for winter break.

  1. Put Them in Charge of Meal Prep

    Assuming the kids are old enough to work safely in the kitchen, they can easily handle meal prep for you. During the recovery period, you will need healthy foods high in vitamins and antioxidants like fruits, veggies and lean proteins — all of which tend to be easy to prepare.

    Prior to surgery, look up easy, healthy recipes with your children and stock the kitchen with the items you’ll need.

  2. Ask Them to Help You Get Moving

    Of course, not too soon. For the first 24 hours after your lipo procedure, you need to rest. After that first day, you can start taking short walks. Put the kids in charge of prompting you to get up and move. Just make sure intensive exercise is avoided until you have your doctor’s approval.

  3. Get the Kids Cleaning

    Picking up around the house likely isn’t anything new for your kids, but as you recover from surgery, it is more important than ever. Anything left on the floor is a trip hazard, and a fall could complicate your recovery. Set the kids up for regular tidying so you aren’t put at risk.

  4. Ask for Help When Needed

    Finally, just ask the kids for help when you need it, whether it is reaching a remote or grabbing some water so you can stay hydrated. Children love to feel helpful, and your recovery period will give them the chance to shine.

Do you need more tips for getting through the liposuction recovery period? The team at Campanile Plastic Surgery in Denver is happy to answer your questions. Just call the office at 303-345-7476 or get in touch through our contact page.

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Kids at Home? Put Them to Work Helping You Heal after Liposuction!
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Kids at Home? Put Them to Work Helping You Heal after Liposuction!
Worried about liposuction recovery? Dr. Francesco Campanile of Campanile Plastic Surgery in Denver suggests letting the kids help you while they’re home.
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