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As of 10/09/2018


As much as you may battle those pesky bulges, sometimes diet and exercise simply aren’t enough. Dr. Francesco Campanile offers liposuction for Denver men and women like you who are working to achieve your ideal contours and need that extra fine-tuning to reach your goals.

Request a consultation today or call our office at 303-345-7476 to meet with Dr. Campanile in person. His refined liposuction techniques and detailed understanding of the human form allow him to provide outstanding care during liposuction and other body sculpting procedures.

A Customized Approach

Dr. Campanile understands that each patient’s body contouring needs are unique. He takes special care to tailor his approach to liposuction in a way that addresses your problem areas and helps you meet your appearance goals. Liposuction can help streamline your figure in a number of ways:

  • Reducing love handles and tummy paunch
  • Slimming your back and waist
  • Treating resistant fat deposits elsewhere on the body

Although liposuction is most commonly associated with improving the contours of the midsection, the procedure can be applied virtually anywhere on the body.

About the Procedure

Dr. Campanile offers both tumescent and ultrasonic liposuction. During your consultation, you will learn more about the different results that are possible with each method, and which technique might be best to meet your goals.

To perform tumescent liposuction, Dr. Campanile makes small incisions around the treatment area, through which he inserts a cannula, a thin medical tube that dispenses and collects fluid. After administering a tumescent fluid to increase comfort and break up fat cells, he uses suction to permanently remove fat from target spots.

VASER® liposuction uses ultrasonic waves to liquefy and destroy fat cells. This option may allow patients to enjoy an easier recovery, as well as some skin contraction. Dr. Campanile will let you know if he feels that you are a good candidate for VASER® rather than tumescent liposuction.

For more information, please check out our liposuction frequently asked questions.

Recovery & Results

Immediately following your procedure, you may experience some bruising and swelling in the treatment area, obscuring your results. You will most likely have some soreness, and are recommended to take around a week off of work, depending on the size of the treatment area.

You may wish to take over-the-counter medications to manage any discomfort, and Dr. Campanile can offer you a prescription if you would prefer something stronger. You will be asked to wear a compression garment to promote blood circulation and given detailed post-operative care instructions specific to your procedure and treatment area.

Once you are able to see your final liposuction results, you should notice a significant improvement in the treatment area. You may have slimmer waist contours, a more streamlined lower body or improved appearance of the back, upper arms or abdomen.

Contact us online or call our office at 303-345-7476 to schedule your visit with liposuction specialist Dr. Francesco Campanile at his Denver, Colorado practice. We look forward to meeting you and helping you feel fantastic about your new look.

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Dr. Francesco Campanile offers liposuction for Denver men and women hoping to improve the contours of their midsection, as well as other parts of the body.