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As of 10/09/2018


Dr. Francesco Campanile
Campanile Tummy Tuck
Plastic Surgeon
Campanile Tummy Tuck
Dr. Francesco Campanile focuses his practice on plastic surgery for the body. He is a skilled surgeon known throughout Denver as a tummy tuck leader. Men and women like you trust Campanile Plastic Surgery to enjoy a toned, tightened abdomen that helps them feel confident and assured
425 S. Cherry St. Suite #321
Phone: 303-345-7476

I am passionate about providing outstanding abdominoplasty results. You deserve only the best and my staff and I are committed to making you look amazing.
– Dr. Francesco Campanile

There are many plastic surgeons in Denver offering all kinds of cosmetic procedures, but Dr. Campanile has focused his practice on providing excellent results for tummy tucks and body contouring. The men and women who have chosen our practice for abdominoplasty and other cosmetic procedures say that in Dr. Campanile they have found a surgeon who is deeply committed to the quality and who has the skills to deliver superior results.

Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), Dr. Campanile is highly skilled and experienced in body sculpting. He’s also a warm, welcoming person – our patients find him to be personable, caring and trustworthy.

Simply put, if you are thinking about having a tummy tuck, make time to talk with Dr. Campanile. You can request a consultation today or call our office at 303-345-7476 to meet with him in person. His refined tummy tuck technique and detailed understanding of the structures of the body allow him to provide outstanding care during cosmetic and reconstructive abdominoplasty and body sculpting procedures.

The Dr. Campanile Difference

Here are some of the top reasons why men and women from the Denver area and throughout Colorado choose Dr. Campanile for their tummy tuck.

  • Excellent Credentials: A board-certified plastic surgeon in practice since 1996, Dr. Campanile has completed advanced plastic surgery training and received several research awards.
  • Exclusive Techniques: Dr. Campanile has developed his own advanced body sculpting techniques, including his proprietary C.L.A.S.S.™ tummy tuck procedure, which can yield improved results with less downtime.
  • Caring Manner: Dr. Campanile will help you feel comfortable about your body contouring options by taking the time to understand your goals and listen to each and every one of your concerns.
  • A Commitment to Quality: Dr. Campanile demands the best of himself so he can deliver the best for you. He has dedicated his medical career to refining his ability to deliver beautiful, elegant results for his patients.
  • A Passionate Man: Dr. Campanile’s passions for art, travel and culture inform his aesthetic eye for detail. He is committed to helping you achieve the enhanced appearance you want most.

Excellent Credentials

An honors student throughout his training, Dr. Campanile is the recipient of several research awards in the field of plastic surgery. He is a fellowship-trained surgeon and the former Chief of Plastic Surgery at the Lee Memorial Health Systems. Born in Caserta, Italy and raised in Montreal, Canada, he maintains Italian and Canadian citizenship and is fluent in Italian, French and English.

A board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Campanile is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), and the American Medical Association (AMA). View Dr. Campanile’s Professional Resume for more information on his training and background.

Exclusive Techniques

Plastic surgery techniques and technologies are rapidly advancing. Dr. Campanile leads the way by developing his own refinements to existing abdominoplasty techniques and regularly reviewing the world’s scientific literature for new advancements. For instance, his C.L.A.S.S.™ tummy tuck body contouring technique is the result of combining elements of a more traditional approach with recently published technical innovations. His international background also helps him to integrate advancements from outside the United States.

Caring Manner

Dr. Campanile knows that you envision a big change to your body, and it can be scary to make a decision about who to trust with your health and appearance. His calm, professional approach and deep caring for his patients set a tone that will help you feel confident and relaxed while reviewing your options and learning all about how abdominoplasty can benefit you. You are truly his focus and he is able to make each and every patient feel important and special. He will take your results and outcome as seriously as you do and always give you the time you deserve. He’s also committed to patient education and is a regular author of plastic surgery articles, cosmetic surgery blogs, RealSelf answers and other online resources for those considering plastic surgery.

A Commitment to Quality

Dr. Campanile is a perfectionist. To him, your tummy tuck is a success when he can combine key aspects of his surgical training and experience with an artistic approach that embraces your individuality. “Each of my patients has a unique goal,” says Dr. Campanile. “I enjoy seeing my patients feel good about themselves as they reach those goals.” In effort to achieve the most satisfying results for his patients, Dr. Campanile constantly travels to professional seminars on the newest advances in abdominoplasty and other cosmetic surgery techniques.

A Passionate Man

Dr. Campanile invests himself entirely in anything he pursues. His passion for surgical excellence is rivaled only by his love for art (be sure to take a quick tour of the hand-selected artworks in our office) and world travel (ask him about some of his experiences during his time in Italy and Canada). Dr. Campanile settled in Denver to take part in the active, sunny and healthy vibe of this energetic city. He is passionate about body sculpting and abdominoplasty, as well as other procedures that help men and women feel confident about their body shape and image. Dr. Campanile is very specialized in that he is focused primarily on plastic surgery for body contours, and no longer performs facial plastic surgeries.

Contact us online or call our office at 303-345-7476 to schedule your visit with abdominoplasty specialist Dr. Francesco Campanile at his Denver, Colorado practice. We look forward to meeting you and helping you feel fantastic about your new look.

Tummy Tuck Specialist Dr. Francesco Campanile
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Tummy Tuck Specialist Dr. Francesco Campanile
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Dr. Francesco Campanile,
425 S. Cherry St., Suite #321 ,Denver,Colorado-80246,
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Denver, Colorado tummy tuck specialist and board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Francesco Campanile offers the latest techniques for superior body sculpting results.