Post-Tummy Tuck Lymphatic Massage: Yes or No?

Tummy tucks help men and women around the worldBeautiful woman massaging her face to improve their appearance and boost their image. As with any surgery, following the aftercare guidelines is the key to your best recovery, and adding lymphatic massage to your tummy tuck aftercare routine may offer several benefits.

Massage Speeds the Healing Process

The lymphatic system is part of the body’s circulatory system and is vital to the immune system. Beginning lymphatic massage one to two weeks after a tummy tuck may help to reduce scar tissue, diminish bruising and increase circulation. Lymphatic massage stimulates the immune system, improving your overall health and increasing your healing rate. You can perform lymphatic massage on yourself or have a professional perform the treatment.

How to Perform Lymphatic Massage

Several massage techniques that can help stimulate the lymphatic system include:

  • Neck Hug: With palms of your hands facing up, lay one hand atop the other at a 90 degree angle, creating a butterfly shape. Bring your hands to your neck with only fingertips gently touching either side of the neck. Stretch the skin down towards your clavicle, hold for three seconds. Repeat this four times.
  • Armpits: Lift your left arm slightly and place fingertips of your right hand in your armpit. Gently push inward, hold for three seconds, then release for three seconds. Repeat this four times. Repeat this process with the opposite arm.
  • Thigh: At the top of the thigh, just below the groin, encircle your hands around your thigh. Stretch the skin upward in a gentle stroking motion. Continue upward stroking as you draw the hands down the thigh towards the knee.

Most lymphatic vessels are located directly beneath the skin, so only a light touch is necessary. If you choose to self-massage, first consult with your tummy tuck surgeon.

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Post-Tummy Tuck Lymphatic Massage: Yes or No?
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Post-Tummy Tuck Lymphatic Massage: Yes or No?
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