The Case for Plastic Surgery

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The latest statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) show that cosmetic procedures across the nation are on the rise. I know that plastic surgery in Denver is seeing an increase these days as well. A new reality TV show in Korea talks about the positive benefits that can be gained from cosmetic surgery and not all of them are related to physical appearance. Is there evidence that psychological benefits could be a deciding factor for choosing surgery?

Beauty Standards

The Korean television program that focuses on plastic surgery talks about the benefits that participants hope to gain following their procedures. Many of these are related to future prospects, like making good marriages or to advance their professional careers. The pressure of bringing honor to your family through a great career or beneficial marriage is a distinctive part of Korean culture, but studies conducted within the United States show that the standards of beauty carry a significant amount of weight here as well.

Denver plastic surgeons regularly hear stories of lifelong issues with low self-esteem as a result of not feeling positive about aspects of their patients’ physical appearance. More attractive job applicants are usually hired after an interview, and better-looking children are called upon more often in classes. If you feel you don’t live up to a certain expectation of attractiveness, you can quickly get left behind.

After cosmetic surgery, the majority patients experience a pronounced improvement in self-confidence levels. This translates into a more outgoing attitude at work and in personal relationships, as well as a more attractive personality. Self-confidence is often called the most attractive quality a person can have, and cosmetic surgery can be a step that helps you get there.

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