The “Thigh Gap”

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One of the newest trends in beauty these days is the goal to achieve the coveted “thigh gap.” A thigh gap is the visible space that appears between the upper thighs when a woman is standing with flat feet and her knees together. The thigh gap is often apparent in models and celebrities, and is one of the primary reasons that many women in Denver want liposuction in their thighs. Liposuction can be used in both the inner and outer thighs to sculpt fat cells away and create slimmer lines, including opening up the inner thigh area to create a larger gap.

How Liposuction Helps

During liposuction at my Denver office, I make a tiny incision near the targeted treatment area. I break apart the fat cells using ultrasound energy, and then insert a cannula (hollow tube) through the incision to remove the separated cells. Liposuction is a permanent procedure; the fat cells that are removed during liposuction won’t come back again. I have my patients wear a compression garment through their initial healing process to encourage the skin and tissue to stay tight and slim against the thighs. The end result will be smooth, shapely legs without unsightly fat deposits.

The thigh gap isn’t possible for every body. Your natural genetics and body weight have a lot to do with the shape of your thighs, and liposuction works best for patients who have already reached their ideal body weight and who practice a healthy lifestyle. However, if you’re already at a healthy target weight and simply want to change the shape of your thighs to show off your thigh gap through body sculpting, then liposuction can definitely be a great solution.

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