Jennifer’s Tummy Tuck Story

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Francesco Campanile, MD

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As of 10/09/2018


Although Jen got back to her pre-kid weight just fine after her last baby, she noticed loose, stretched-out skin that wasn’t recovering the way it had after her earlier pregnancies. She also felt a separation in her abdominal muscles that kept them too soft and baggy, making tummy-tightening crunches and sit-ups pointless and discouraging. Since she knew she was done having kids, she decided she wanted to make a positive difference in the way she felt about her post-baby body.

Jen had looked around online for a surgeon, but still felt uncertain about committing. When a friend of hers had some facial procedures performed by a different surgeon, Jen asked for a body contouring recommendation. Immediately, her friend’s surgeon suggested Dr. Francesco Campanile; Jen scheduled a consultation at Campanile Plastic Surgery not long afterwards.

Her Consult with Dr. Campanile

Jen says it was the consultation itself that convinced her Dr. Campanile was the right choice for her. “Of course, you’re on edge because you don’t really know what to expect,” she says. “You’re concerned about the money, or you don’t want to be that ‘vain’ person. Dr. Campanile just put me at ease and made me feel so comfortable.”

Her initial consultation was long and unhurried. Dr. Campanile took his time and answered every question Jen had. In the end, she knew she didn’t have to follow through with scheduling any consultations with the other practices she’d researched; she had found the right plastic surgeon for her. Before her consultation, Jen had doubts about whether or not she was making the right decision; after meeting Dr. Campanile, she felt a lot better about taking the next step.

“I would absolutely recommend Dr. Campanile,” Jen says. “I liked him right away. He was very laid back and so nice.” Jen says he not only impressed her, but also the friend she’d brought along to keep her company during the consultation; her friend has seen Dr. Campanile on her own a few times since then!

Adding in Breast Augmentation

In addition to a tummy tuck, Jen also wanted a breast augmentation, something that she’d thought about long before ever having kids. “Basically, I never had boobs and just wanted them,” she laughs. But it was hard to find time in between being a wife and a mother, especially without any family living nearby to help out with the kids. With her youngest now two and finally feeling like the time was right, Jen opted for a combination breast augmentation and tummy tuck from Dr. Campanile.

Staying C.L.A.S.S.y

Dr. Campanile thought that Jen would get the best results from his exclusive C.L.A.S.S. tummy tuck. This option combines the muscle repair and removal of excess skin that are associated with traditional abdominoplasty surgery along with liposuction to permanently remove isolated fatty deposits for very natural contouring. The C.L.A.S.S. tummy tuck also offers patients the benefit of a drain-free recovery, which came as a particular relief to Jen.

“I had knee surgery in high school that had to have drains. I can’t imagine dealing with that after a tummy tuck,” says Jen; this is especially true for a mom balancing a busy home life. Without surgical drains, Jen cheerfully describes her recovery as “phenomenal.”

Her Recovery and New Look

“It was really just a breeze. I could go up the stairs the very next day.” She needed pain meds for just a day or two, and after that only needed a little help falling asleep at night.

As for results, Jen couldn’t be more thrilled. “My expectations were met and then some. Of course you really don’t know what to expect until after it’s done, but I can say that my results were over and above what I thought they’d be.” She especially loves that when she works out, she can tell that her efforts are actually getting her somewhere now that her abdominal muscles have been repaired.

“The best part, though, was just finally doing something that was just for myself. You know, between a husband, kids, your friends and everything, you just spend so much time taking care of everyone else all the time. It felt so good doing something that was just for me.”