Tummy Tucks and Men: Separating Fact from Fiction

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male tummy tuckTummy tucks and men are two things you may not think of together, but you should. As our appetite for plastic surgery grows each year, the market has expanded to include men. And when it comes to the male tummy tuck, we have a few myths to dispel in service of the truth.

Fiction: Only Women Get Tummy Tucks

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 125,000 tummy tucks were done in 2016. And of those, nearly 5,000 were male tummy tucks. What this means is that if you’re a man considering a tummy tuck, you’re far from alone. Let’s set aside the myth that only women get tummy tucks.

Plastic surgery is an equal opportunity adventure.

Fiction: A Tummy Tuck Will Give You Six-Pack Abs

Before you get too excited about heading over to your board-certified plastic surgeon’s office to sign up for an abdominoplasty, there are a few things you should know. For starters, a tummy tuck won’t suddenly gift you with a toned six-pack. What abdominoplasty can do is eliminate excess skin and stubborn fat from the abdomen to reveal a more toned, taut stomach. But the only way to achieve six-pack abs is through a rigorous exercise routine and having very little body fat.

Fact: Male Tummy Tucks Are Different

There are key differences between male and female anatomy which inform how a plastic surgeon approaches a male tummy tuck. Although the surgical technique is the same for both genders, there are important nuances to keep in mind. For example, an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon will be conservative with liposuction of the waist to maintain a masculine shape. Likewise, the male belly button is less curved and more rounded than a female belly button, and a good plastic surgeon will know to preserve these features.


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Tummy Tucks and Men: Separating Fact from Fiction
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Tummy Tucks and Men: Separating Fact from Fiction
Are you a male considering a tummy tuck? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Francesco Campanile of Denver explores the facts and myths about abdominoplasty.
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