Why a Tummy Tuck Won’t Prevent Weight Gain

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Beautiful woman with sporty slim bodyFor the right candidate, a tummy tuck can be an ideal way to trim away excess skin and tissue from the abdomen and drastically improve the appearance of the midsection. Even though a tummy tuck can give you a thinner, sculpted waistline, the results aren’t necessarily an immunization against future weight gain. Here’s a deeper look into why having a tummy tuck won’t keep you from gaining weight in the future.

It Doesn’t Change Your Lifestyle

It’s amazing how one day in the operating room can make such a dramatic change to the body, but it doesn’t change your eating or fitness habits. After recovery and healing is complete, keep in mind that the results you’re enjoying can be undone if you don’t strive to make healthy choices and avoid future weight gain. If you allow your weight to fluctuate after having a tummy tuck, the stomach skin and muscles can become stretched and saggy again and leave you feeling like your results are “undone.”

Use Your Results as Motivation

For most people who have a tummy tuck, the slimmer, leaner reflection they see in the mirror serves as a powerful motivation to do whatever’s necessary to maintain their results. Use your new and improved figure as a reason to consistently make healthy choices and commit to keeping your new figure.

Small Ways a Tummy Tuck Might Just Help in Weight Maintenance

While it’s true that your own self-discipline and habits will be the greatest determining factor in your efforts to maintain your weight, having a tummy tuck just might offer some benefits to help you in that journey. Fat cells secrete a hormone that increases your appetite, and some studies have shown that when fat cells are removed from the abdomen during a tummy tuck, a reduction in appetite can result.

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Why a Tummy Tuck Won’t Prevent Future Weight Gain
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Why a Tummy Tuck Won’t Prevent Future Weight Gain
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