Why the Dog Days of Summer Are Made for Liposuction

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Natural spaHave you ever researched the ideal times of year for plastic surgery? If you have, you’ve likely seen many articles claiming that the best season to get liposuction is in the winter, when you are indoors, covered up and good to hide away until your results are visible. 

But that doesn’t mean liposuction in the summer is a bad idea. In fact, we think that summer is made for lipo! Here’s why.

Summer Camps for the Kids

Enhance your recovery experience with childcare your kids will be happy with.

You need time to relax and recover, but taking care of the kiddos doesn’t line up with that. Luckily, in the summer, you have summer camps. You can choose day camps that give you a good 8-10 hours of time to yourself or overnight camps for the first week or so of your recovery. 

More Time Off

While this varies by profession, for many, the summer months are a bit less demanding. Teachers have time off in general, while those in certain office jobs may have less demand due to clients taking time off for vacations.

Slim for the Holidays

Liposuction results take time since the procedure tends to cause swelling. This means it can be several months before you are able to see how much slimmer you look. Getting lipo in the summer ensures that by the time the holidays roll around, you’ll be looking your best. Are you ready to schedule your liposuction procedure? Campanile Tummy is here for you! Call our office at 303-345-7476 or fill out our contact form

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Why the Dog Days of Summer Are Made for Liposuction
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Why the Dog Days of Summer Are Made for Liposuction
When is the best time for lipo? It’s always a great time, but Dr. Francesco Campanile in Denver feels liposuction in the summer is ideal.
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